Contact Marspec Technical Services for:

  • On-site Tower Tech cooling tower inspection
  • Assistance in developing repair/maintenance schedules
  • Factory-Trained cleaning service of tower cell, fill media and water collectors
  • Factory-Trained resealing service
  • Installation of new fill media
  • Installation of new drift eliminator
  • Installation of new water collectors
  • Installation of new spray nozzles
  • Installation of new fans and dampers
  • Fiberglass repairs
  • Flow balancing
  • Expansion joint replacement/installation

Marspec Technical Services uses Tower Tech cooling tower parts and procedures to ensure that your cooling tower operates as it was intended.

Have you purchased a rental cooling tower that was built by Tower Tech? Marspec can provide the same great service for those units as well. 

For service nationwide, give us a call and put us to work for you.