Here is a look at some of the work Marspec has undertaken. From scheduled maintenance to a major rebuild, Marspec will tailor a project to meet your exact needs. We proudly offer service the entire Continental US. 

Contact us today for all of your Tower Tech cooling tower service and maintenance needs.

  • Access Hole
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    Access Hole
    An access port is let into the tower basin to permit access for internal basin wall repairs. Note new fiberglass reinforcement.
  • Eroded Fill Media
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    Eroded Fill Media
    An example of fill media failure. This was eroded by defective or failed nozzles.
  • Deferred Maintenance
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    Deferred Maintenance
    An extreme example of recommended maintenance practices not carried out.
  • Dirt Load
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    Dirt Load
    A photo of distribution piping, fill media and dirt removed from a Tower Tech cooling tower cell.
  • Dirt Loaded Collectors
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    Dirt Loaded Collectors
    An example of severe dirt loading on the Tower Tech water collector system.
  • Expansion Joint
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    Expansion Joint
    An expansion joint and spool installed by Marspec.
  • Fiberglass Repair
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    Fiberglass Repair
    A fiberglass repair by the Marspec service team.
  • Stripped Tower Cell
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    Stripped Tower Cell
    A tower cell stripped of its drift eliminator, fill media and water collector system in preparation for cleaning and sealing.