What are Tower Tech Cooling Towers?

Tower Tech cooling towers are unique in the industry.  These non-metallic, forced draft cooling towers provide users with years of reliable, trouble-free service with minimal scheduled maintenance required.

These cutting edge cooling towers offer

  • Multiple fans for maximum flexibility in cooling capacity. This energy efficient design provides the right amount of cooling without using more energy than required.
  • Enclosed water basins. No “swimming pool” under these towers. The enclosed basin design means significantly reduced sunlight contacting the process water. Less chance for algae growth and legionella propagation.
  • Bottom mounted fans for ease of maintenance and longer life. These small motors are easily replaced when the need arises without the use of cranes, lifting davits and the like.  And the fan motors are in the flow of cool air for maximum service life.
  • Corrosion resistant fiberglass construction. Stands tough against bumps and scrapes which would negatively impact galvanized steel. 
  • Easy placement on site. Lift the factory-built tower cell from the truck and install the support legs.

The finest cooling towers on the market deserve the most capable service and maintenance team in the nation – Marspec Technical Services. Tower Tech Cooling Towers can be said to be a reduced maintenance cooling tower but it is not a no maintenance piece of equipment.